Title: My Nigga
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o m g shawn mendes and cameron dallas are so cuuute

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why do boys always let you fall for them and then let you feel motherfucking down

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Turn On’s;

  • Intimacy. Hold my waist. Stroke my neck. Kiss my forehead. Hold my hand. 
  • Maturity. Patience is amazing. A prize will come to you when the time is right. Its called falling in love. Waiting is hard. But worth it. 
  • Honesty. I don’t care what you’ve done. I care about what you will do in the future. Be honest with me, I’ll be honest with you. 
  • Care. Because not many people give a crap about anything anymore.

We’re a team, aren’t we? And I’m so proud of my victors. So proud. You both deserved so much better. I am truly sorry.

2014 spoiler: I still won't have a boyfriend

Title: When someone takes too long in the bathroom stall
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